• MV-8800 TurboStart
  • MV-8800 Workshop 01: Creating a New Project

    An MV-8800 project holds for everything you need when you're working on a song. This booklet will help you understand how to get the most from your projects, and how to set up them up for the way you like to work.

  • 在线男人MV-8800 Workshop 02: Loading Patches

    This booklet explains how to load patches into the MV-8800 when you're trying to find the sounds for a project, or when you just want to have some fun playing the MV-8800.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 03: Sampling

    This booklet gets you started with MV-8800 sampling. It's also intended as a companion for the Auto Chop, Importing a Sample from CD, Direct Recording, and Spreading a Sample Across the Pads MV-8800 Workshop booklets, which discuss some of the more advanced ways you can sample.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 04: Auto Chop

    It's easy to slice up a sample into separate sounds you can play on the MV-8800 pads。 This booklet explains how to do this using the MV-8800's Auto Chop feature。

  • MV-8800 Workshop 05: Importing a Sample from CD

    Learn how to make samples from audio CD and data CD-ROMs。

  • MV-8800 Workshop 06: Direct Recording

    Did you know you can use the MV-8800's sampler to simply record along with your sequenced tracks? This booklet explains how.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 07: Spreading a Sample Across the Pads

    This booklet explains how to lay out a single sample across a set of pads so you can play it at different pitches.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 08: Getting the Most from Sample RAM

    在线男人The MV-8800 makes it easy to trim away samples you’ve decided not to use so that you have more room for stuff you do want。 This booklet explains how to “optimize” a project。

  • MV-8800 Workshop 09: MPC-to-MV Translator

    This booklet is for people migrating to the MV-8800 from AKAI MPC™ products. If you know how to do something on an MPC, this booklet will tell you how to do it on the MV-8800.

    *The trademark listed above is the trademark of its respective owner, which is a separate company from Roland. This company is not affiliated with Roland.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 10: Getting Around the MV-8800’s Hard Drive

    If you own an MV-8800, and aren't familiar with computers, this booklet explains how to navigate the MV-8800’s hard drive。

  • MV-8800 Workshop 11: Working with External MIDI Instruments

    This booklet explains how to play MIDI instruments—including computer-based soft synths—from the MV-8800’s pads, as well as how to use MIDI sounds in your MV-8800 sequences。

  • MV-8800 Workshop 12: Using the MV-8800 with an External Sequencer

    The MV-8800 can act as a powerful sample player when it’s used with a computer sequencing program, or with a standalone hardware sequencer. This booklet explains how.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 13: Automation

    With automation, the MV-8800 memorizes and plays back mix settings for you, helping you create the perfect mix for a song or pattern. This booklet explains how to use the MV-8800’s automation features.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 14: Using EQ

    The MV-8800’s built-in EQ lets you adjust the tone of your audio tracks and MIDI track instruments so they sound just the way you want them to. This booklet explains how to use the MV-8800 EQ, and includes a bunch of tips if you’re new to EQ.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 15: Making a Beat

    The MV-8800 is all about beats, and this booklet tells you how to make them. Step-by-step instructions show you how easy it is to create everything from the simplest beat to a full-on monster arrangement without ever hitting STOP.

  • MV-8800 Workshop 16: Using Patterns in a Song

    This booklet explains how to add new beats—also called “patterns”—to your songs, and how to build brand-new songs by stringing patterns together。


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