更新 & 驱动

  • MV-8000 System Update Version 3.54

    Please refer to the "MV_Update_Procedure。pdf" for the update procedure。

  • MV Patches: CR-7800 Kit

    The Roland CR-78 drum machine was originally manufactured in 1978 and has been used on countless records over its lifetime. Now the sounds of the CR lives again in the new CR-7800 kit for the MV Series Production Studio.

    Please refer to the "Readme.txt" file included in this download for the install procedure.

  • MV Patches: TR-527

    TR-505, TR-707, and TR-727: Roland has captured and combined these classic sounds into one convenient, 3-bank package called the TR-527.

    Please refer to the "readme.txt" file, include in the download, for the install procedure.

  • MV Patches: TR-808

    Every famous TR-808 sound, complete with knob twists and nuances, has been masterfully captured in uncompressed, full-resolution audio.

    Please refer to the "readme.txt" file, included in this download, for the install procedure.

  • MV-8800 Sounds: Dirt & Grime Kit

    This drum kit is available for existing 8000 and 8800 owners and spans a range of musical styles from urban, R&B and electro house. The kit has a slighty gritty sound and a wider-than-normal range of sensitivity so you can experiment with changes in swing and volume.

  • MV-8000 Factory Patches

    This file contains the factory patches that originally shipped with the MV-8000. Please refer to the "Readme.txt" file included in the download for more information.


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