• JUNO-Gi Workshop 01: Meet the JUNO-Gi

    Bringing together tons of Roland’s latest synth sounds with a BOSS BR-style recorder and GT-class effects, the JUNO-Gi is a new kind of instrument. This booklet introduces you to this computer-friendly, next-generation synth.

  • JUNO-Gi Workshop 02: Splits, Layers, Favorites, and More

    One of the great performance features of the JUNO-Gi is that you can split its keyboard into as many as four separate zones. You can also layer up to four tones in a live set. This booklet gets into the JUNO-G’s splitting and layering capabilities, as well as the Favorites feature that lets you quickly get to your splits and layers.

  • JUNO-Gi Workshop 03: Using the JUNO-Gi's Live Audio Inputs and BOSS Effects

    With its built-in BOSS effects, the JUNO-Gi can act as a portable, lightweight onstage mixer for singing keyboardists or duos. Bring a mic, a second instrument, and the JUNO-Gi, and you’re good to go.

  • JUNO-Gi Workshop 04: Realtime Control in the JUNO-Gi

    The JUNO-Gi offers realtime controls that can make your music even more exciting。 Using them to shape your sounds as you play, you’ll be performing with a level of expressiveness that makes every note uniquely your own。 This book explains how to use and customize the JUNO-Gi’s realtime controls。

  • JUNO-Gi Workshop 05: The Digital Recorder—Getting Serious

    在线男人The JUNO-Gi contains an eight-track digital multitrack recorder for recording your songs. If you’re ready to get down to business, this booklet explains in detail how to take advantage of the digital recorder’s tools and features.

  • JUNO-Gi Workshop 06: Using the JUNO-Gi with a Computer

    In addition to its wealth of sounds you can use in a computer-based music system, the JUNO-Gi can also serve as the audio interface and master MIDI controller for your computer’s digital audio workstation, or “DAW.” This booklet explains how to integrate the JUNO-Gi into your computer music rig.

  • 在线男人JUNO-Gi Workshop 07: Working with the JUNO-Gi’s BOSS Insert Effects

    The JUNO-Gi brings together cutting-edge technologies from Roland and BOSS. Its digital recorder boasts BOSS effects similar to those found in the popular BOSS GT-10. This booklet explains how use the JUNO-Gi's BOSS effects.


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