• GR-20 Q&A

    A collection of popular articles from the GR-20 knowledge base.

  • GR-20 TurboStart

    Turbostart for the GR-20

  • GR-20 Workshop 01: Getting Started with the GR-20

    This booklet helps you get up and running with the GR-20. You’ll learn how to set up your rig, and how to optimize the GR-20 for the way you play. It also discusses the various ways to select patches and how to get the most out of them.

  • GR-20 Workshop 02: Customizing GR-20 Patches

    The GR-20 offers lots of ways to make its patches your own. In this booklet, you’ll learn how to edit GR-20 patches, changing the way they sound and the way they behave.

  • GR-20 Workshop 03: Using the GR-20 with a Sequencer

    This booklet explains how the GR-20, together with a MIDI sequencer, allows you to make MIDI recordings from your guitar。 It contains lots of setup instructions and tips for sequencing。


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