• Fantom-G ReleaseNote 130: What’s New in Version 1.30

    The Version 1.30 operating system update adds new features and a wealth of new content to the Fantom-G workstation keyboard. This booklet explains what’s new in Version 1.30, and how to get the most from this important OS update.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 01: The Fantom-G Possibilities

    在线男人This booklet provides a step-by-step, hands-on introduction to the Fantom-G。 We’ll give you a taste of its many capabilities, and an idea of what’s in store for you with your new Fantom-G。

  • Fantom-G Workshop 02: Power User Control

    If the Fantom-G’s about one thing—other than its killer sounds and display—it’s power and flexibility。 Its controls are built for speed, and things get even better when you add a mouse。 This booklet is where it all begins。

  • Fantom-G Workshop 03: Power User Control 2: The Pads

    Nowhere are the Fantom-G’s efficiency and flexibility more on display than the DYNAMIC PADS area。 There are so many aspects of the Fantom-G’s operation in which the pads kick things into high gear that they deserve their own booklet。

  • Fantom-G Workshop 04: Saving Your Work on the Fantom-G

    With all the music you can make on the Fantom-G, you’ll want to make sure you know how to store it for safekeeping, along with all the bits and pieces that went into it. This Workshop booklet explains how to save Fantom-G songs, samples, patches, and everything else.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 05: Single Mode in the Fantom-G

    When you want to use the Fantom-G in the most traditional, straight-ahead way—maybe with a single patch on the keyboard and a rhythm set or rhythm on the pads—Single mode’s the way to go. This booklet explains how it works.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 06: Editing Fantom-G Patches and Rhythm Sets

    At the heart of the Fantom-G is its killer sounds。 Sure, the factory patches and rhythm sets sound great, but you can also create your own, as you’ll learn in this booklet。

  • Fantom-G Workshop 07: Live Mode in the Fantom-G

    The Fantom-G is designed, first and foremost, as an excellent performance keyboard, and that’s what its Live mode is all about. It’s the place where the Fantom-G really shines. This booklet explains Live mode in detail in order to help you harness the Fantom-G’s performance power.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 08: Creating Layers and Splits

    In Live mode, each keyboard-full of sounds is called a “live set.” A live set is where you combine sounds or assign them to different areas of the keyboard. This booklet shows you how to put sounds together as layers and splits on the Fantom-G.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 09: Manipulating Sounds in Realtime

    The Fantom-G has a great set of tools for controlling sounds in realtime, from its control sliders and knobs, to the D Beam, and more. This booklet explains how to set up the Fantom-G realtime controllers and the patches and effects they control.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 10: Studio Mode

    With its powerful 152-track sequencer/recorder, the Fantom-G naturally provides its own slick studio environment in which to get some songs down. In Studio mode, you have access to as many as 16 patches/rhythm sets/sample sets at the same time, 24 audio tracks, and up to 22 effects! This booklet explains what you need to know about Studio mode.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 11: Sequencing and Recording

    In this booklet, you’ll get all the details on sequencing and recording in the Fantom-G, from conceptual explanations of phrases, samples, and tracks, on up through sophisticated and flexible sequencing and recording techniques. This booklet’s a must if you’re itching to master the Fantom-G’s 152-track sequencer/recorder.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 12: Perfecting Songs, MIDI Tracks, and Audio Tracks

    When you’ve captured your MIDI and audio tracks, the fun’s just starting。 This booklet takes you through the Fantom-G’s extensive collection of sequencer/recorder editing tools that will help you refine your music to your notion of perfection。

  • Fantom-G Workshop 13: Playing Clips from the Fantom-G Pads

    The Fantom-G is more than just a synth, sampler, audio interface, and sequencer/recorder, though you’d think that might be enough。 The Fantom-G’s pads can serve as an absolutely killer way to launch sequenced phrases as clips onstage, DJ-style。 Mix and match your beats in harmony with the mood of the mob。 This booklet shows you how to bang out clips from the Fantom-G pads。

  • Fantom-G Workshop 14: Adding Live Audio to the Fantom-G

    The Fantom-G boasts a full-featured mini-mixer that allows you to add live sounds to your playing and songs. Connect a mic, a guitar, or any other instrument to the Fantom-G’s audio inputs, add effects, and it’s show time. The input mixer offers phantom power, its own dedicated effects, and access to the rest of the Fantom-G’s stunning effects. You’ll learn how to incorporate live audio into the Fantom-G with in this booklet.

  • Fantom-G Workshop 15: Using the Fantom-G with a Computer

    The Fantom-G’s potent USB capabilities make it an outstanding companion to a computer and a computer-based DAW (“Digital Audio Workstation”). Of course, you can exchange files. Of course, you can use its keyboard with a DAW and use the Fantom-G as an awesome multitimbral module with effects for your DAW. But did you know the Fantom-G may also be all the audio interface you need to get audio into and out of your DAW? And did you know how easy it is to sample your computer’s audio—and that’s any of its audio—on the Fantom-G? Check out this booklet to learn more.

  • Fantom-G Experience

    Impressions of the Fantom-G live workstation from world-leading artists.

  • Selecting Fantom-G and ARX-Series Sounds Via MIDI
  • Fantom-G ReleaseNote 120: Understanding Phrases, Samples, and Tracks

    在线男人The Fantom-G contains a powerful combination MIDI sequencer/audio recorder. To help you harness its power, here’s a booklet that explains the relationship between the Fantom-G’s MIDI phrases, audio samples, MIDI tracks, and audio tracks.

  • InFocus 02: Roland’s Librarian Software

    If you’re the kind of person who digs into your Roland/BOSS gear, odds are you go way beyond factory patches and settings. It’s for users like you that we include a computer-based Librarian application for backing up and organizing your data. This booklet explains the Roland/BOSS Librarian.


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