Policies on the Protection of Personal Information

Roland Corporation and its group companies (hereinafter referred collectively to as “We”), recognizing personal information as confidential, shall conduct the following in order to appropriately protect and handle personal information。

  1. We establish rules and guidelines for the protection of personal information and observe related laws and regulations.
  2. We provide our employees with educational and enlightenment activities on the importance of the protection of personal information, and assign each department handling personal information with a personal-information protection manager to ensure appropriate management. In addition, we request that our client companies to which we delegate tasks appropriately handle all personal information.
  3. When obtaining personal information, we specifically report or publicize the purpose of use and handle personal information in accordance with the purpose of use.
  4. We make every effort to ensure and enhance security to prevent the loss, leakage, manipulation, etc., of personal information.
  5. We have a special contact point to accept requests from customers about disclosure, modification, deletion, and prohibition against the use of their personal information and sincerely deal with requests.
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